Circumlunar space

I am the founder of Circumlunar Space, and the admin of the Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu. My main online presence is my gopherhole there, especially my phlog, but I also toot from time to time at

Project Gemini

I started and am the Benevolent Dictator of a collaborative effort to define a new internet protocol called Gemini, which explores the space inbetween gopher and the web. It's definitely a work in progress, but there is already content in Geminispace - check out my personal Gemini capsule!


I am the author of VF-1, a popular command-based Gopher client written in Python.

VF-1 has been adapted into a Gemini client, called AV-98. I'm great at naming software. I've also written a Gemini server, called Molly Brown. You can find more of my Gemini-related software projects at my Gemini capsule.

I have also written shizaru, a "do no evil" webserver, which serves this very site.

You'll find miscellaneous small projects of mine at the Zaibatsu's software forge.

Half Hour of Power

I have an increasingly neglected had a half-hour radio show which aired on SDF's aNONradio every Wednesday at 1800 UTC. The Half Hour of Power evolved from strictly playing chiptunes to being vaguely focussed on vintage or vintage-sounding electronic music of all kinds. Fellow aNONradio djs snowdusk, tob and quintus (aka cev) do a better job than I ever did in every respect.


Among other things, I am a(n):